Linda Graham

Department of Botany

University of Wisconsin

430 Lincoln Drive

Madison, WI 53706-1381

Office: 211 Birge Hall

Phone: 608.262.2640

Fax: 608.262.7509


Research Interests: Linda Graham investigates evolutionary and applied aspects of algal and bryophyte biology. She is interested in comparing molecular, biochemical, cellular, structural, physiological, and ecological traits of streptophyte algae and early-diverging bryophytes to understand the evolutionary origin of distinctive plant traits. In recent years, the lab has focused on evolutionary origin of the land plant microbiome by comparing metagenomes of algae and plants. Graham is also interested ways that microbiomes extend biogeochemical roles of algae and bryophytes, and how algae and bryophytes can be used to enhance environmental sustainability. Linda likes to travel to remote places to collect algae and bryophytes, but she is also entranced by Felidae (the cat family), like the Patagonian puma recently encountered on an expedition to Chile. Linda's two children are both biologists (a microbial bioinformaticist and a veterinarian specializing in wildlife pathology).

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)